Speak at a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), Budget or Tax Rate(s) Public Hearing

Advanced Sign-Up Procedure for CIP, Budget & Tax Rate(s) Public Hearings

Hearings are held in the County Board Room 307, 2100 Clarendon Boulevard

  • Time Allotted to Speak: Individuals and organizations may sign-up to speak for 2 minutes or 3 minutes. All 2 minute speakers are called first in the order in which reservations are received, and 3 minute speakers are called last in the order in which reservations are received.
  • When Will I Speak: Upon completion of online sign-up, a confirmation number will be provided. This number does not indicate the assigned speaker number, it is merely a confirmation of registration and is only needed to cancel registration. Speakers may call the County Board Office at 703-228-3130 the day of the hearing to learn their assigned speaker number.
  • Canceling Reservations:  Registration may be cancelled on-line or County Board staff can assist. Call 703-228-3130.
  • Signing-up Evening of Hearings: Additional individuals may register to speak the evening of the hearings beginning at 6 p.m. Visit the Information Desk on the 3rd floor outside the Board Room. These speakers are called in the order in which registrations are received after all those who signed-up in advance in the 2 or 3 minute categories. Sign-up ends at 8 p.m. the evening of the meeting.
  • Spanish Interpreters Present at Hearings: Please visit the Information Desk before your name is called to speak if services are needed. Translation in other languages available if requested 3 days before the meeting. Call 703-228-3130.
  • Submit Comments Online: In lieu of oral testimony, online comments may be submitted to countyboard@arlingtonva.us.

County Board Adopted Meeting Procedures
Meeting Procedures for CIP, Budget & Tax Rate(s) Hearings