Community Organizations

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Kathleen Sibert, Executive Director

P.O. Box 100731
Arlington, VA 22210

703-820-4405 Fax

AHC Inc.

Walter D. Webdale, President and CEO

2230 N Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201

703-486-0653 Fax

Altrusa International of Northern Virginia, Inc.

Carolyn Lussenhop, President

1301 S Cleveland St
Unit 350
Arlington, VA 22204

Alumni & Friends of Yorktown High School, Inc.

Archibold Warnock, President

P.O. Box 7698
Arlington, VA 22207

American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

Marcene Jack, Front Desk Assistant

4301 Wilson Blvd
Suite 400
Arlington, VA 22203

703-522-1553 Fax

American Association of University Women

Arlene Wilson, President

5225 N 32nd St
Arlington, VA 22207

American Red Cross in the National Capital Region

Jeff Beck, Chairman of the Board

8550 Arlington Blvd
Fairfax, VA 22031

Apartment and Office Building Association

W. Shaun Pharr, Esq., Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

1050 17th St NW
Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

202-296-3399 Fax

Arlington Beautification Committee

Lola Roger, Chair

3440 S Jefferson St
Apartment 920
Falls Church, VA 22041

Arlington Bicycle Committee

Jakob Wolf-Barnett, Chair

2325 42nd St NW
Apt 213
Washington, DC 20007

Arlington Chapter of Amnesty International, #159

Shalini Benson, Group Coordinator

1425 S Eads St
Arlington, VA 22202

Arlington Chapter of Links, Inc.

Natalie Fants, President

P.O. Box 23186
Alexandria, VA 22304

Arlington Coalition of Police AFL-CIO

John Donaggio, President

1425 N Courthouse Rd
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington Committee of 100

Arlington Community Action Program, Inc.

Cynthia Martin, Executive Director

P.O. Box 6250
Arlington, VA 22206

703-241-2666 Fax

Arlington Community Foundation

Wanda L. Pierce, Executive Director

818 N Quincy St
Suite 103
Arlington, VA 22203

703-243-4796 Fax

Arlington County Bar Association

Kate Fitzgerald, President

1425 N Courthouse Rd
Suite 1800
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington County Civic Federation

Stefanie Pryor, President

2214 North Kenmore St
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington County Council of PTAs

Laura Novak, President

1625 S Taylor St
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington County Democratic Committee

Kip Malinosky, Chairman

2050 Wilson Blvd
Suite 200
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington County Medical Society, Inc.

Stacy Castro, Executive Director

4615 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

703-528-0782 Fax

Arlington County Republican Committee

Matt Wavro, Chairman

405 S Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

703-486-2059 Fax

Arlington County Taxpayers Association

Timothy M. Wise, President

P.O. Box 5335
Arlington, VA 22205

Arlington Education Association

Jaim L. Foster, President

5691 Columbia Pike
Suite 100
Falls Church, VA 22041-2871

703-379-3878 Fax

Arlington Extension Leadership Council

Denise Graves, Chairman

2344 S Pierce St
Arlington, VA 22202

Arlington Fish

Cassandra Winger, President

901 S Frederick St
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington Food Assistance Center

Charles Meng, Executive Director

2708 S Nelson St
Arlington, VA 22206

703-845-8491 Fax

Arlington Free Clinic

Nancy T. White, Executive Director

2921 S 11th St
Arlington, VA 22204

703-979-1436 Fax

Arlington Gay & Lesbian Alliance

Tiffany Joslyn, President

P.O. Box 100324
Arlington, VA 22210

Arlington Historical Society, Inc.

Tom Dickison, President

P.O. Box 100402
Arlington, VA 22210-3402

Arlington Host Lions Club

Michael Stevens, Secretary

P.O. Box 50055
Arlington, VA 22205

Arlington Independent Media

Paul LeValley, Executive Director

2701-C Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington Interfaith Council

Arlington Jaycees

Jennifer Paquette, President

P.O. Box 100512
Arlington, VA 22210

Arlington Outdoor Education Association, Inc

Michael Nardolilli, President

P.O. Box 5646
Arlington, VA 22205

Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

Nina Janopaul, President/CEO

2704 N Pershing Dr
Arlington, VA 22201

703-276-0805 Fax

Arlington Police Beneficiary Association

David Green, President

1425 N Courthouse Rd
Arlington, VA 22201

703-228-4192 Fax

Arlington Professional Firefighters Association

Sean O'Connell, President

P.O. Box 10157
Arlington, VA 22210

Arlington Retired Teachers Association (ARTA)

Lynn Juhl, President

2121 N Troy St
Arlington, VA 22201

Arlington School Administrators

Sylvia Koch, President

1415 S Queen St
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington Sister City Association

Karl VanNewkirk, Chairman

P.O. Box 5677
Arlington, VA 22205

Arlington Soccer Association

Justin Wilt, Executive Director

5210 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22205

703-527-0158 Fax

Arlington South Lions Club

Lion Mike Nicolais, President

2600 N Nottingham St
Arlington, VA 22207

Arlington Symphony Association

John Seal, President

4238 Wilson Blvd
Suite 3064
Arlington, VA 22203

Arlington Symphony Women's Committee

Ljiljana Skoric-Eluhow, President

512 Robinson Ct
Alexandria, VA 22302

703-845-6060 Fax

Arlington Thrive

Tiffany Brandt, Administrative Manager

P.O. Box 7429
Arlington, VA 22207

703-527-3037 Fax

Arlington United Methodist Church

Wes Arthur, Sr. Pastor

716 S Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

703-979-7051 Fax

Arlington United Way

Leah Wallace, Chair

8391 Old Courthouse Rd
Suite 200
Vienna, VA 22182

703-228-3219 Fax

Arlington-Falls Church Volunteer Rescue Squad

Reade Bush, Deputy Chief

P.O. Box 7183
Arlington, VA 22207


Suzanne Bolton and Judith Green Green Miller, Co-Chair's

P.O. Box 41603
Arlington, VA 22204-8603

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment

Elenor Hodges, Executive Director

3308 S Stafford St
Arlington, VA 22206-1904

703-228-6407 Fax

Aspire! Afterschool Learning (formerly Greenbrier Learning Center)

5401 7th Rd South
Arlington, VA 22204

Aurora Hills Women's Club

Melba Lufkin, President

2708 Fort Scott Dr
Arlington, VA 22202

Ballston Smart Growth Alliance

Glenn Elliott, President

851 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22203

202-585-1059 Fax

Barr Scholarship Fund

Andrew M. Barr, Director

1837 N Hartford St
Arlington, VA 22201-5206

703-243-3641 Fax

Barrios Unidos

Rev. Steven Rhodes, Culmore United Methodist Church, President

6053 Argyle Dr
Falls Church, VA 22041

Better Sports Club of Arlington

Brian Hannigan, President

P.O. Box 50052
Arlington, VA 22205

Black Pastor's Council of Northern Virginia

Dr. Leonard L. Hamlin, Sr., Pastor, President

Macedonia Baptist Church
3412 22nd St S
Arlington, VA 22204

Boy Scouts of America

Les Baron, Scout Executive

9190 Rockville Pike
Bethesda, MD 20814-3897

301-564-9513 Fax


2611 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

Buckingham Youth Brigade (BYB)

Lisa Anderson, BYB Program Coordinator

Arlington, VA

Business Development Assistance Group, Inc.

Toa Do, President

2100 Washington Blvd
1st Floor
Arlington, VA 22204

703-237-3996 Fax

Center for Urban Education

Richard Herbst, President

2206 S Knoll St
Arlington, VA 22202

Chamber of Commerce, Arlington

Richard V. Doud, Jr., President

4600 Fairfax Dr
Suite 804
Arlington, VA 22203

703-522-5273 Fax

Cherrydale Masonic Lodge #42 A.F. & A.M.

John Frank, Secretary

3805 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

Civic Coalition for Minority Affairs

Dr. Margaret J. Wilson, Chair

3209 North Military Rd
Arlington, VA 22207

Civitan Club of Arlington

Christine E. Wahl, President

2709 N Greenbrier St
Arlington, VA 22204

Clarendon Alliance

Matt Hussman, Executive Director

3019 N 11th St
Arlington, VA 22201

703-812-8882 Fax

Clarendon Presbyterian Church

David Ensign, Pastor

1305 N Jackson St
Arlington, VA 22201-5028

703-524-4511 Fax

Community Educational Services Foundation

Jon H. Larimore, President

P.O. Box 636
Arlington, VA 22216-0636

703-820-1636 Fax

Community Residences, Inc.

Dennis Manning, President & CEO

14160 Newbrook Dr
Chantilly, VA 20151

703-842-2341 Fax

Concerned Parents for Arlington Adult Services

Sheila Billingsley, President

1210 N Harrison St
Arlington, VA 22205

Congregation Etz Hayim

Ann Unitas, President

2920 Arlington Blvd
Arlington, VA 22204

703-979-4468 Fax

Cpro-Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization

Takis Karantonis, Executive Director

2611 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

571-765-2454 Fax

Crystal City Jaycees

Hilary Freer, Chairman of the Board

P.O. Box 16636
Arlington, VA 22215

Delta Kappa Gamma

, Upsilon Charter President


Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omicron

Eleanor Dasenbrook, President

125 S Old Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

703-979-3744 Fax


Inez Gomez, Interim Executive Director

2110 Washington Blvd, Syphax Education Center - 2nd floor
Arlington, VA 22204

703-228-2562 Fax

Empowered Women International

Marga C. Fripp, Founder & Chief Visionary

320 South Henry St
Alexandria, VA 22314

Endependence Center of Northern Virginia

David Burds, Executive Director

2300 Clarendon Blvd
Suite 305
Arlington, VA 22201

703-525-3585 Fax

Ethiopian Community Development Council, Inc.

Tsehaye Teferra, Ph.D., President

901 S Highland Street
Arlington, VA 22204

703-685-0529 Fax

Fair Dogs

Brian MacKeil, President

P.O. Box 6328
Arlington, VA 22206

Fairlington Historical Society

Patricia Clark, Secretary

2776 Arlington Mill Dr
Arlington, VA 22206-1702

Friends of Arlington Parks

Suzanne Bolton, President

3555 N Somerset St
Arlington, VA 22213

Friends of Clarendon House

Richard Wakefield, President

2141 N 10th St
Arlington, VA 22201

Friends of The Arlington County Public Library

Blane Dessy, President

1015 N Quincy St
Arlington, VA 22201

George Mason University-Local Government Relations

Toni Andrews, Associate Director of Community and Local Government Relations

George Mason University – Arlington Campus
3351 Fairfax Drive, MS 2G1
Arlington, VA 22201

Girl Scout Council of the Nation's Capital

Lidia Soto-Harmon, Chief Executive Officer

4301 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite M-2
Washington, DC 20008

202-270-2161 Fax

Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia

Rev. Jon Smoot, PhD, Executive Director

716 N Glebe Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

703-521-9893 Fax

Hogar Immigrant Services

John Odenwelder, Executive

6201 Leesburg Pike
Suite 307
Falls Church, VA 22044-2201

703-534-9809 Fax

Inter-Service Club Council of Arlington

Elizabeth Schindler, President

P.O. Box 100612
Arlington, VA 22210-3261

International Training In Communications Club

Arlene Casimiro, President

5612 N 8th Pl
Arlington, VA 22205

Kiwanis Club of Arlington

Julia Wright, President

P.O. Box 100131
Arlington, VA 22210

Kiwanis Club of South Arlington

Harro B. Wulf, President

510 N Norwood St
Arlington, VA 22203-2217

Knights of the Round Table, Arlington

Paul Hession, President

11109 Rich Meadow Dr
Great Falls, VA 22066

Laurel's Senior Group

Laurel Troop, President

5708 N 7th St
Arlington, VA 22205

Leadership Arlington

Betsy Frantz, Executive Director

4420 N Fairfax Dr
Suite 102
Arlington, VA 22203

703-528-9552 Fax

League of Women Voters of Arlington, Inc.

Mary Finger, President

P.O. Box 100577
Arlington, VA 22210

LGBT Democrats of Virginia

Joel McDonald, President

P.O. Box 2106
Arlington, VA 22202

Linden Resources

Linda H. Chandler, CEO

750 S 23rd St
Arlington, VA 22202

703-521-3443 Fax

Lions Club - Northwest Arlington

Karl Klauck, President

P.O. Box 5596
Arlington, VA 22205

LULAC 4606

Scarlett Ramirez, President

P.O. Box 5290
Arlington, VA 22205-0499

703-351-0023 Fax

LULAC Council 4605

Andres Tobar, President

5550 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center

John Robinson, Director

2411 S Kenmore St
Arlington, VA 22206

703-553-4846 Fax

Meals on Wheels of Northern Virginia

Irene Carpenter, Volunteer Coordinator

P.O. Box 40203
Arlington, VA 22204

NAACP, Arlington Branch

Karen Nightengale, President

951 S George Mason Dr #204,
Arlington, VA 22204


Mike Fitzpatrick, Executive Director

3803 N Fairfax Dr
Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203

703-534-9094 Fax

National Active And Retired Federal Employees

Max Scruggs, President

P.O. Box 100971
Arlington, VA 22210

National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Northern Virginia Chapter

Robin Browder, President

P.O. Box 100816
Arlington, VA 22201

Northern Virginia Apartment Association

Janice Haub, President

1200 N Veitch St
Suite 3
Arlington, VA 22201

703-931-5767 Fax

Northern Virginia Building Industry Association

Mike Gorman, President

3684 Centerview Dr
Suite 110-B
Chantilly, VA 20151

703-817-0380 Fax

Northern Virginia Conservation Trust

Peggy Stevens, Executive Director

4022-A Hummer Rd
Annandale, VA 22003

703-354-5169 Fax

Northern Virginia Family Service

Stephanie Berkowitz, President & CEO

10455 White Granite Dr
Suite 100
Oakton, VA 22124

Northern Virginia Regional Comission

G. Mark Gibb, Executive Director

3060 Williams Dr
Suite 510
Fairfax, VA 22031

703-642-5077 Fax

Northern Virginia Regional Commission

G. Mark Gibb, Executive Director

3060 Williams Dr
Suite 510
Fairfax, VA 22031

703-642-5077 Fax

Northern Virginia Urban League, Inc.

Yvette Bailey, Acting COO

1315 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314-3451

703-836-8948 Fax

Offender Aid & Restoration of Arlington County, Inc.

Gail Arnall, Executive Director

1400 N Uhle St
Suite 704
Arlington, VA 22201

703-228-3981 Fax

Opera NOVA

Miriam Miller

PO Box 7057
Arlington, VA 22207-3400

703-418-9809 Fax

Optimist Club of Arlington

Mark Whiteton, President

P.O. Box 224
Suite 224
Arlington, VA 22210-0224

Organization of Chinese Americans

Stan Tsai, Co-President

P.O. Box 10433
Suite 10433
Rockville, MD 20850

Organized Women Voters

Nancy Renfro, President

1300 N Greenbrier St
Arlington, VA 22205-3624

Potomac Alliance

Voncille Hines, Coordinator

1400 S Joyce St
Suite 421
Arlington, VA 22202

Potomac Women's Club

Joyce Tannahill, President

4122 N 24th Rd
Arlington, VA 22207-5041

Preservation Arlington

Kathryn Smith, Chair

P.O. Box 100489
Arlington, VA 22210

PRS, Inc.

Wendy Gradison, President

1761 Old Meadow Rd
Suite 100
McLean, VA 22102

703-448-3723 Fax

Rotary Club of Arlington

John Heck, President

P.O. Box 100038
Arlington, VA 22210

Rotary Club of Crystal City-Pentagon

Anupam Kumar, President

P.O. Box 15817
Arlington, VA 22215-0817

Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary

Evelyn Elliott, President

3202 S 13th Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

Shirlington Employment And Education Center

Andres Tobar, Executive Director

2701 S Nelson St
Arlington, VA 22206

703-933-1127 Fax


Dr Aaron Peters, Founder and CEO

PO Box 271
Falls Church, VA 22040

Soroptimist International of Arlington, VA

Sharon Williams, President

403 W Ash Rd
Sterling, VA 20164

South 23rd Street Group, Inc.

Fred Lutz, President

2206 S Fern St
Arlington, VA 22202

The Arc of Northern Virginia

Rikki Epstein, Executive Director

98 N Washington St
Falls Church, VA 22046

571-641-3222 Fax

The Children's Theatre

Sara Duke, Executive Director

P.O. Box 969
Arlington, VA 22216

703-525-2992 Fax

The Fenwick Foundation

Alexander Gorny, Executive Director

23 N Fenwick St
Arlington, VA 22201

The Woman's Club of Arlington

Pat Fisher, President

700 S Buchanan St
Arlington, VA 22204

Veterans of Foreign Wars

Nelson Betancourt, Commander

2116 N 19th St
Arlington, VA 22201

703-525-5088 Fax

Veterans' Memorial YMCA

Duncan Churches, Senior Program Director

3440 S 22nd St
Arlington, VA 22204

703-271-0052 Fax

Vietnamese Catholic Community, Mid-Eastern States

Nguyen Tham, President

915 S Wakefield St
Arlington, VA 22204

Virginia Bicycling Federation

Allen Muchnick, Board Member

980 N Madison St
Arlington, VA 22205

Virginia Cooperative Extension of Arlington County

Jennifer Abel, Senior Extension Agent

3308 S Stafford St
Arlington, VA 22206-6407

703-228-6407 Fax

Virginia Verified Voting

Alice Whealin, Coordinator for Arlington County


Volunteer Cherrydale Fire Department

Scott Pardi, Chief

3900 Lee Highway
Arlington, VA 22207

Volunteer Resident's Team - South Arlington

Marie Somers Jackson, President

2118 S Monroe St
Arlington, VA 22204

Volunteers for Independent Arlington Coalition

Amy Jones-Baskaran, President

3038 N Military Rd
Arlington, VA 22207

Washington Area Bicyclist Association

Shane Farthing, Executive Director

2599 Ontario Road NW
Washington, DC 20009

202-518-0936 Fax

Washington-Lee HS Education Foundation Inc.

Dede Macekura, President

P.O Box 41595
Arlington, VA 22204

Women's Club of Lyon Park

Peggy Weidenhamer, President

414 N Fillmore St
Arlington, VA 22201

YMCA Arlington

Erik Van de Poll, Executive Director

3422 N 13th St
Arlington, VA 22201

703-525-2148 Fax

Zonta Club of Arlington Area

Alina Doreste-Johnson, President

4885A S 28th St
Arlington, VA 22206

703-448-7653 Fax