Civic & Citizen Associations

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Alcova Heights Citizens Association

Kelly Holly, President

Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington East Falls Church Association

Kelly Alexis, President

Arlington, VA 22213

Arlington Forest Citizens Association

Arlington Heights Civic Association

Stephen Hughes, President

713 S Ivy St
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington Mill Civic Association (Formally Columbia Heights West)

Ric Birch, President

702 S Arlington Mill Dr. #304
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlington Ridge Civic Association

Arthur Fox, President

2306 S. Pierce St.
Arlington, VA 22202

Arlington View Civic Association

C. Eugene Hubbard, President

1635 S 13th Rd
Arlington, VA 22204

Arlingwood Neighborhood Association

Brendan Ryan, President

4004 N Richmond St
Arlington, VA 22207

Ashton Heights Civic Association

Scott Sklar, President

706 N Ivy St
Arlington, VA 22201

Aurora Highlands Civic Association

Joel Nelson, President

Arlington, VA 22202

Ballston-Virginia Square Civic Association

Nia Bagley, President

Arlington, VA 22203

Barcroft School & Civic League

Chris Kupczyk, President

Arlington, VA 22204

Bellevue Forest Citizens' Association

Frank McDermott, President

3801 Roberts Ln
Arlington, VA 22207

Bluemont Civic Association

Jonn Lau, President

P.O. Box 5134
Arlington, VA 22205

Boulevard Manor Civic Association

Phil Klingelhofer, President

5854 1St Street N
Arlington, VA 22203

Buckingham Community Civic Association

Bernie Berne, President

4316 N Carlin Springs Rd
Arlington, VA 22203

Chain Bridge Forest Civic Association

Terry Dean, President

4078 Rosamora Ct
McLean, VA 22101

Cherrydale Citizens Association

Jim Todd, President

Arlington, VA 22207

Claremont Citizens Association

Gabe Snow, President

2121 S Columbus St Arlington
Arlington, VA 22206

Clarendon-Courthouse Civic Association

Ben D'Avanzo, President

Arlington, VA 22201

Columbia Forest Civic Association

John Acker, President

Arlington, VA 22204

Columbia Heights Civic Association

Sarah McKinley, President

2611 Columbia Pike
Arlington, VA 22204

Crystal City Civic Association

Sandra Jean Borden, President

1805 Crystal Drive #1108
Arlington, VA 22202

Dominion Hills Civic Association

Brian Hannigan, President

1051 N Liberty St
Arlington, VA 22205

Donaldson Run Civic Association

Anne Wilson, President

4612 N 26th St
Arlington, VA 22207

Douglas Park Civic Association

Adam Henderson, President

2005 S Quincy St
Arlington, VA 22204

Dover-Crystal Civic Association

Betty Cabrera, President

Arlington, VA 22207-5022

Fairlington Citizens Association

Guy Land, President

P.O. Box 6182
Arlington, VA 22206-0182

Fairlington-Shirlington Neighborhood Conservation Area

Ed Hilz, Neighborhood Conservation Area Representative

3405B S Stafford St
Arlington, VA 22206

Forest Glen Civic Association

Shawn Brown, President

Arlington, VA 22204-1246

Forest Hills Community Association

Elaine Freeman, President

P.O. Box 2804
Arlington, VA 22202-1544

Foxcroft Heights Civic Association

John Moran, President

806 South Orme St
Arlington, VA 22204

Glebewood Civic Association

Laura Johnson, President

2113 N Brandywine St
Arlington, VA 22207

Glencarlyn Citizens' Association

Brian Cavey, President

527 S Jefferson St
Arlington, VA 22204

Gulf Branch Civic Association

Katie Hays, President

4037 N 35th St
Arlington, VA 22207

Highland Park-Overlee Knolls Civic Association

Alan Howze, President

2115 N Potomac St
Arlington, VA 22205

Jefferson Civic Association

Mary P. Brown, President

2028 N Dinwiddie St
Arlington, VA 22207

John M. Langston Citizens Association

Alexandra Bocian, President

P.O. Box #7664
Arlington, VA 22207

Leeway Overlee Civic Association

Chips Johnson, President


Long Branch Creek Civic Association

Benjamin Bullard, President

901 E Timber Branch Pkwy
Alexandria, VA 22302

Lyon Park Citizens Association

John Goldener, President

318 N Barton St
Arlington, VA 22201

Lyon Village Citizens Association

Loria Porcaro, President

Arlington, VA 22201-5210

Madison Manor Civic Association

David Blair, President

Arlington, VA 22205

Maywood Community Association

Antony Maderal, President

3307 21st Ave N
Arlington, VA 22207

Nauck Civic Association

Portia A. Clark, President

P.O. Box 4037
Arlington, VA 22204-4037

North Highlands Citizens' Association

Dawn Dekker, President

Arlington, VA 22201

North Rosslyn Civic Association

Paul Derby, President

1902 N Ode St
Arlington, VA 22209

Old Dominion Citizens Association

Richard Lolich, President

4657 N 23rd Rd
Arlington, VA 22207

Old Glebe Civic Association

John Kudless, President

3834 N Tazewell St
Arlington, VA 22207

Penrose Neighborhood Association

Maria “Pete” Durgan, President

2000 6th St S
Arlington, VA 22204

Radnor/Ft. Myer Heights Civic Association

Stanley G. Karson, President

1510 N 12th St
Arlington, VA 22209

703-527-2839 Fax

Rivercrest Civic Association

Mona Steffen, President

Arlington, VA

Rock Spring Civic Association

Carl Cunningham, President

3417 N George Mason Dr
Arlington, VA 22207

Shirlington Civic Association

Edie Wilson, President

Arlington, VA

Stafford-Albemarle-Glebe Civic Association

Milton M. Bush, President

3942 N Upland St
Arlington, VA 22207

703-533-1612 Fax

Tara-Leeway Heights Civic Association

Kimberley Person, President

2021 N Kensingston St
Arlington, VA 22205

Waverly Hills Civic Association

Paul Holland, President

2000 N Upland St.
Arlington, VA 22207

Waycroft-Woodlawn Civic Association

Sharon Dorsey, President

1204 N Evergreen Street
Arlington, VA 22205

Westover Village Civic Association

Robert Orttung, President

P.O. Box 5604
Arlington, VA 22205

Westwind Homeowners Association

Kutlay Ebiri, President

1027 N George Mason Dr
Arlington, VA 22205

Williamsburg Civic Association

Ruth Shearer, President

6505 North 26th St
Arlington, VA 22213

Woodmont Civic Association

Richard McNamara, President

2360 N Quebec St
Arlington, VA 22207

Yorktown Civic Association

Andrew Schneider, President

5104 N 24th St
Arlington, VA 22207